Why Is IV Drip Therapy the Perfect Summer Refresher?

IV drip Therapy at Treadwell

As summer heats, finding ways to stay refreshed and energized becomes a priority. IV drip therapy, once a secret of the stars and athletes, has become a mainstream solution accessible to everyone looking for a quick boost of vitality during the hot months. This therapy replenishes hydration and provides numerous other health benefits, making it an ideal summer refresher.

What is IV Drip Therapy?

IV drip therapy is a medical treatment administering fluids, electrolytes, and vitamins into the bloodstream. This method bypasses the digestive system, allowing immediate absorption and utilization by the body at nearly 100% efficiency. Originally developed to treat dehydration and nutrient-absorption disorders, IV therapy has evolved into a wellness regimen that supports a wide range of health needs.

Reasons Why IV Drip Therapy is the Perfect Summer Refresher at Treadwell

benefits of IV drip Therapy

1. Hydration

Proper hydration is vital for optimal function. Cells need adequate water to carry out metabolic processes, remove waste, and maintain structural integrity. IV hydration ensures cells receive the water they need to function effectively, enhancing overall health and vitality.

IV drip therapy provides direct hydration, delivering fluids straight into the bloodstream. This method is more efficient than drinking water for immediate hydration. This is particularly crucial during the summer when the risk of dehydration is due to higher temperatures and outdoor activities.

2. Restore Electrolyte Balance

Summer activities often involve sweating, which depletes water and essential electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. These electrolytes are crucial for conducting nervous impulses, contracting muscles, and regulating heart and brain function. IV drip therapy can specifically address electrolyte imbalances by providing a tailored infusion based on individual needs, ensuring that the body maintains optimal levels of health and performance.

3. Boost Energy and Performance

IV drip therapy often includes vitamins such as B-complex and amino acids, which play a crucial role in energy metabolism. By directly infusing these nutrients, the body can utilize them more efficiently, leading to an immediate boost in energy levels. This is especially beneficial during the summer when energy demands may increase due to increased activity and longer daylight hours.

4. Hangover Relief

Dehydration is one of the primary causes of hangovers. IV drip therapy delivers fluids directly into the bloodstream, providing faster and more effective rehydration than drinking water. This can quickly alleviate common hangover symptoms such as headache, dizziness, and dry mouth.

5. Skin Rejuvenation

Summertime exposure to sun, chlorine, and saltwater can damage skin. Antioxidants in IV drips combat free radicals generated by sun exposure, pollution, and environmental stressors. IV drip helps prevent premature aging and improve skin tone and texture.

6. Immune Support

Summer travel and activities can expose you to new pathogens. An immune-boosting IV drip loaded with vitamins like Vitamin C and zinc can provide ongoing support to the immune system, especially useful during the summer when changes in schedule and increased activity might expose you to more pathogens.

Different Types of IV Drip Therapy at Treadwell Houston

IV drip Therapy bag

At Treadwell, we offer a variety of IV drip therapies tailored to meet different health and wellness needs:

  1. Immune Max Drip: This drip maximizes the body’s immune response and aids in a quicker recovery from colds and illnesses and prevention.
  2. High Dose Vitamin C Drip: Helps to burn fat, boosts metabolism, and increases energy.
  3. Fountain of Youth Drip: This IV drip helps battle signs of aging and reduce oxidative stress.
  4. Fitness Drip: Enhances performance, fuels tired muscles, and improves muscle recovery times.
  5. Myer’s Plus Drip: It provides wellness, boosts the immune system, reduces fatigue, and enhances performance.
  6. Focus Drip: Helps to improve overall cognitive function, such as information processing, learning, and memory.
  7. Pregame Drip: It fuels your body with the hydration, electrolytes, and energy to keep you going and feeling great.
  8. Trim Drip: Increase energy, metabolism-boosting, and digestive-supporting IV drip therapy to help you reach your weight loss and wellness goals.
  9. Migraine Drip: This drip flushes out triggered toxins while targeting the causes of nausea and inflammation. It will make you feel like yourself in no time.
  10. Energy Drip: Give you the boost you need and increase your performance, recovery time, and overall joint health.
  11. Hangover Drip: This drip relieves hangover headaches, nausea, and dehydration. It restores electrolytes, replenishes lost vitamins, and flushes unwanted toxins.
  12. Hydrate Drip: This replenishes lost fluids and electrolytes.
  13. Hydrate Plus Drip: Improve overall hydration and boost your immune system with Vitamin C.

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IV drip Therapy


IV drip therapy in Houston is an efficient, effective way to stay refreshed and maintain optimum health during the summer. Whether you’re looking to boost your energy, improve your skin, or recover from a night out, there’s an IV drip that can help you feel your best. Stop by and get a consultation from our trained RN staff to see what IV drip therapy is best for you. 


Is this therapy safe?

IV drip therapy is very safe when administered by a qualified healthcare professional. The process is carried out under sterile conditions to prevent infection, and the drip’s contents are tailored to individual needs to avoid adverse effects.

How often can I get IV drip therapy?

It depends on your individual health needs, but IV drips can generally be safely received weekly.

How quickly does IV drip therapy work?

Many people begin to feel the effects of IV drip therapy almost immediately after the treatment starts, with full benefits usually felt within hours, depending on the individual’s hydration status and overall health.

Are there any side effects?

Side effects are rare and usually minor, like bruising or a cooling sensation during the drip.

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