A highly effective solution to brain-fog, this treatment helps improve overall cognitive function such as information processing, learning, and memory. Taurine can help mitigate anxiety and stress and focus your anxious mind, while B Vitamins provide you with a sustained increase in energy levels. Poor hydration and a lack of proper vitamins can cause short-term memory loss and computational challenges.

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Why is this Drip right for you?

While the brain has incredible abilities to absorb, process and synthesize information, it’s easy to get overloaded by the demand of life. A poor diet, lack of hydration and unhealthy habits can lead to short-term loss and slow computational skills. Although subtle, reduced cognitive abilities can impede your ability to perform well at work, be present for your family or make it from day to day without high levels of stress and anxiety. The IV drip gives your body an immediate infusion of the best focus supplements, delivering brain-boosting power straight into your cells.

Taking oral supplements isn’t as effective as an IV infusion, because the digestive system can slow down and even reduce your body’s absorption of minerals and nutrients. With a busy life, you don’t have time to wait on traditional supplements. The Focus drip delivers the help you need. The fluids can help rehydrate your body, filling your body with the water needed to replenish your cells and fill them with oxygen. Your brain requires hydration to flush out the harmful toxins and waste that impair your cognitive abilities. Proper hydration, through the drip, also ensures that the nutrients you receive are absorbed and carried throughout the body.

What’s in the Drip 

The minerals and compounds in the Focus drip are an effective solution to brain fog and slow processing, as this formula works directly to improve brain functions in the area of memory, learning abilities and information processing. In addition to one liter of much-needed fluids, this drip of focus supplements floods your body with Vitamin C, Taurine, B Complex Vitamins, B12 and electrolytes.

Vitamin C
This vitamin has a part in the differentiation and maturing of neurons in the brain, as well as the formation of the protective myelin sheath that forms around the neurons. This can improve the speeds of impulse transmission, creating faster processing performance.

This nutrient helps with new brain cell formation, an activity that can help combat aging or damaged brain cells. It can also help reduce neuroinflammation and work as an antioxidant to remove harmful radicals from damaging the brain.

B Complex Vitamins
Vitamins that fall within the B complex family help to kickstart metabolism in several ways. For starters, they actively help to convert food into fuel, thereby contributing to healthy digestive function and metabolic processes.

The body needs B12 for the normal function of critical processes in the body, including brain function. A deficiency can show itself in cognitive decline. Vitamin B12 in particular converts carbs into glucose, which helps to decrease levels of fatigue while increasing energy levels.

Excellent at counteracting dehydration and exhaustion, our IV drip formula includes electrolytes that stabilize blood sugar and support heart health.

One Liter of Fluids
Each of these ingredients is combined with one liter of fluids, which hydrate the body and kickstart all essential processes.

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Recommended Boosters


Glutathione is a vital, intracellular antioxidant produced in the body when it is needed. Essential for detoxification and neutralizing free radicals, Glutathione is the master antioxidant of your cells. It helps protect your cells from oxidation damage caused by aging, stress, and disease.

Amino Blend

Amino Blend is an ultra-concentrated amino acid complex that’s perfect for athletes, competitive students, and busy professionals whose bodies need an immediate energy boost. It includes all the essential amino acids in ideal ratios to help promote muscle growth and weight loss.

Recommended Drips

MYER’S PLUS: Our Special formula to promote wellness. Through this Vitamin C and B complex drip, you can reduce fatigue and feelings of low energy. You will also boost your immune system and give your muscles and joints a chance to restore strength and performance. This formula can also ease conditions like depression and migraines, giving your brain the much-needed rest it deserves.

ENERGY: This drip is the perfect addition to your wellness routine because it adds additional focus supplements if you’ve been running yourself ragged. Mental drain can take a toll on your body, so it’s important to give your body a boost once you’ve taken care of your cognitive concerns. The Energy drip can help burn fat and boost metabolism, but it also provides the fuel needed to replenish your cells and keep your body going. Amino acids, a primary component of the ENERGY drip, support neurotransmitters and neuromodulators to improve cognitive functioning.


Can anybody use an IV Drip Infusion for better health?

We have RNs on staff and recommend an age range of 18-70 though with a doctors approval will also administer an IV to clients outside of the range as well. We have 13 different IV drips to get you feeling your best and give you the nutrients or vitamins you may be lacking.

How long does an infusion take?

By making an appointment at one of our locations, you can schedule a convenient time to administer your drip. It could take up to an hour to complete your drip, especially if you need to complete paperwork prior to the infusion. The average infusion takes an hour.

Are there any side effects from an IV Drip Infusion?

There is a low chance of side effects from the compound, and you will receive an assessment of potential complications with medications, allergies or medical conditions before the drip takes place. Common side effects from the injection include soreness, a cooling sensation or slight bruising.

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