Sharper from
the inside, out.

Treadwell is a men’s space that combines grooming and wellness services, introducing two natural companions in one shared place.

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A real and restorative destination where you can shed the world outside—its noise, its demands, its sheer velocity—and take a moment that’s completely your own.

Grooming services include haircuts, beard trims, shaves, and hand and foot care; wellness services include infrared sauna, a drip spa, and cryotherapy, and performance injections.

The space itself is impeccably kept and thoughtfully partitioned, blending the communal warmth of a barbershop with the privacy and serenity of a spa.

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Our hope is that by creating an intersection where grooming and wellness can comfortably co-exist, we can offer you a natural sanctum that’s on your way, in the know, and always gets it right.

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