Hydrate Drip


Hydrate Drip


The Hydrate IV hydration drip replenishes lost fluids and electrolytes. This treatment can be ideal for people who have become dehydrated due to chronic health conditions, exposure to high temperatures or the effects of alcohol consumption. Drip hydration treatments are the most efficient way to ensure that you stay sufficiently hydrated.

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Why is this Drip right for you?

Dehydration has serious health effects. Studies show that even a decrease of 2% in brain hydration levels can result in short term memory loss and difficulty performing math computations.

The Hydrate drip excels at liquid IV hydration by delivering a blend of effective electrolytes such as sodium and potassium and fluids formulated for fast absorption.

Hydrating through a drip enables fluids to directly enter your bloodstream and immediately increase the fluid volume of your body. Studies show that the human body can only absorb 1 liter of water an hour through the GI tract. This means that if you are dehydrated by several liters, it can take six hours or longer for your system to rehydrate to healthy levels, assuming that you keep drinking water and do not experience symptoms that intensify dehydration.

When you are dehydrated or operating with suboptimal hydration levels, drinking a liter of water is much more difficult than a Hydrate drip infusion.

This is particularly the case if you are experiencing nausea. The Hydrate and Hydrate Plus drips are very effective rehydration treatments.


The formula of the original Hydrate IV drip consists of electrolytes and 1 liter of fluids. This basic treatment is the root of the full range of Treadwell drip therapy formulas.

Every drip treatment contains electrolytes and fluids for hydration. IV treatments for hydration are typically recommended once every two weeks or more often based on the recommendation of a Treadwell RN Specialist.

Electrolytes work wonders within the body, helping to regulate nerve function, rehydrate the body and rebuild damaged tissues.

One Liter Fluids
These fluids help maintain your balance, keep your body hydrated, and help to regulate electrolytes, blood sugar levels, and temperature.

Many customers prefer drip treatments that provide hydration and an antioxidant booster. The Hydrate Plus drip has the same basic formula as Hydrate, but adds a dose of vitamin C. The direct delivery of electrolytes, fluid and essential micronutrients promotes hydration and the most bioavailable form of supplements. If you do not want to absorb more supplements during drip treatments, the original Hydrate formula is the right choice.

Choose the Hydrate drip when you need to replenish lost fluids and electrolyte levels. While most IV therapy services offer hydration drips, the Treadwell Hydrate drip is highly effective, particularly when used as a base for boosters.

Treadwell offers specialized drip treatments for a wide range of conditions as well as lifestyle support, recovery, and wellness that a specialist can administer to boost the effects of the Hydrate drip.

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Recommended Boosters


The body’s first line of defense, Glutathione supports healthy cellular detoxification and immunity. It is critical to liver detoxification, binds free radicals and toxins, supports the immune system, maintains healthy skin and red blood cells, regulates body pH levels to maintain balance between acidic wastes and alkaline nutrients, reduces UV damage on skin by protecting DNA integrity and preventing sunburn.

B Complex Vitamins

The B vitamins, a group of water-soluble vitamins that share similar chemical structures, are essential in many processes throughout the body. All B vitamins are necessary for human health, but most people don’t get enough. Without the right amount of B vitamins in your diet, you can experience fatigue and irritation as well as memory loss and mood disturbances.

Recommended Drips

HYDRATE PLUS: Boost your immune health with the HYDRATE PLUS drip. This formula adds the micronutrient vitamin C to the mix of electrolytes and fluids in the original Hydrate drip.

IMMUNE MAX: For a more potent treatment, try the IMMUNE MAX, which contains a high dose of vitamin C, glutathione, magnesium, zinc, manganese, electrolytes and fluids.

HIGH DOSE VITAMIN C: Another option is the HIGH DOSE VITAMIN C drip. This potent formula contains 10g of water-soluble vitamin C. When you need a serious immune boost or want to see the positive effect a high dose of an antioxidant can have on your overall wellness, this booster can be a potent addition to a Hydrate drip.

FOUNDATION OF YOUTH: Hydration plays a critical role in the appearance of healthy skin and hair. If you want to enhance the anti-aging benefits of drip therapy, look no further than a Fountain of Youth drip formulated with vitamin C, biotin, glutathione, magnesium, electrolytes and fluids.

PREGAME: Drips are a popular treatment for rehydrating after drinking alcohol. Recover with the B complex vitamins, Toradol, Zofran, electrolytes and fluids in the Hangover drip. You can also prevent dehydration by preparing your system with the blend of B complex vitamins, glutathione, electrolytes and fluids in the PREGAME drip.

HANGOVER: Drips are a popular treatment for rehydrating after drinking alcohol. Recover with the B complex vitamins, Toradol, Zofran, electrolytes and fluids in the HANGOVER drip.


Is IV hydration safe and effective?

An IV that delivers fluids and electrolytes can be safely administered by trained professionals. Treadwell specializes in recommending the best drip formulas for dehydration and other conditions. Fluids can be safely administered intravenously at our facilities. You should always follow professional recommendations regarding the frequency and contents of treatments.

How are the Hydrate and Hydrate Plus IV Drips Different?

The Hydrate drip is the basis for every other drip therapy formula. The original formula delivers a potent dose of electrolytes along with 1 liter of fluids to promote hydration, rebalance the body and fight fatigue. The Hydrate Plus drip formulated with vitamin C combines rehydration with immune support.

When should I get hydrated by IV Therapy?

Most people opt for IV therapy hydration once every 1-2 weeks. If you have a condition that causes severe dehydration, drip treatments for hydration can be administered as often as one to two times per week. Consult with the nurses at Treadwell to determine the best drip regimen for any health condition.

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