High Dose Vitamin C Drip


High Dose Vitamin C Drip


The IV Therapy for High Dose Vitamin C helps to aid and support your immune health while safeguarding your cells and helping you maintain a vibrant and healthy skin. High Dose Vitamin C helps with chronic syndromes, auto-immune disease, and can help produce urgent immune support. This IV drip therapy has 10g of vitamin C.

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Why Use the Drip?

There is a wide range of High Dose Vitamin C benefits. Multiple cellular functions of the adaptive and innate immune system involve this micronutrient. Research also indicates that vitamin C has an antioxidant role and can neutralize free radical molecules.

A high dose of vitamin C can protect cells against damage by counteracting the excessive presence of free radicals and stimulating white blood cell activity. This drip treatment can benefit people who have conditions that diminish immune system function. Anyone who wants to mount the strongest immune response against cold and flu symptoms can also benefit from a high dose of vitamin C.

The most bioavailable and concentrated form of vitamin C can be found in this drip treatment. A 10g dose of vitamin C can safely be administered once every two weeks or based on guidance from a Treadwell drip specialist. This high concentration is less likely to cause gastrointestinal side effects when administered through IV. Vitamin C is water-soluble. Delivering a high dose with 1 liter of water and electrolytes enables your body to absorb the maximum dosage and eliminate excess supplements. This drip allows for detoxification with the visible result of skin that looks more healthy and vibrant.


An IV drip formulated with 10g of vitamin C, electrolytes and 1 liter of fluids provides a direct supplement infusion alongside fast and lasting hydration. This drip contains the same basic formula as Treadwell hydration drips, but contains much more vitamin C than the Hydration Plus drip.

10g of Vitamin C

Also known as ascorbic acid and is necessary to support immune health. The human body does not naturally produce or store vitamin C, so getting this supplement in the most bioavailable format is crucial for comprehensive health and well-being.

A saline solution that contains electrolytes such as sodium and potassium and may also be formulated with glucose or dextrose to promote absorption can aid in rehydration and balance your system.

While a number of Treadwell boosters contain vitamin C, this High Dose drip makes this micronutrient the top priority. A drip that contains 10g of vitamin C can be most helpful for vitamin C deficiencies, increasing immune response and promoting detoxification.

These solutions help regulate your immune system, which is chiefly responsible for your body’s response to inflammation and damage due to aging.

One Liter of Fluids
Finally, each of these ingredients is combined with one liter of fluids, which hydrate the body and kickstart all essential processes.

Recommended Boosters


Glutathione is an important antioxidant, produced in the body. It’s found in almost every cell in the body and works with other antioxidants to boost your immunity, fight oxidative damage and slow down the aging process.

Recommended Drips

Other IV formulas can enhance the effectiveness of a drip that contains a high dose of vitamin C. This treatment with 10g of vitamin C can boost energy levels. You can get even more energy by boosting this treatment with the Energy drip formula, which features a blend of B complex vitamins, amino acids, taurine, electrolytes and fluids.

FOUTAIN OF YOUTH: Vitamin C can help skin look more healthy and vibrant. Enhance the anti-aging benefits of a high dose with the Fountain of Youth drip. This anti-aging IV treatment contains vitamin C, biotin, glutathione, magnesium, electrolytes and 1 liter of fluids.

HYDRATE: You can further increase hydration levels with the Hydrate drip. The original formula provides electrolytes and 1 liter of fluids, which are also in the High Dose drip of vitamin C. The Hydrate Plus drip formula is formulated with vitamin C. If you choose this high dose drip, you should not need the additional vitamin C in Hydrate Plus.

IMMUNE MAX: If an increased immune response is your main priority, consider alternating High Dose drip treatments with the Immune Max. This IV formula combines a high dose of vitamin C with glutathione, magnesium, zinc, manganese, electrolytes and fluids.


Why is a High Dose Vitamin C drip effective?

Vitamin C is more readily absorbed into the bloodstream when taken intravenously. Studies comparing concentrations of this substance in plasma after oral and intravenous administration indicate that concentrations of intravenous vitamin C are 30- to 70-fold higher. A drip can prevent symptoms of digestive upset that can accompany high dosages.

What is the maximum safe dosage of vitamin C?

The maximum recommended daily dosage of vitamin C for adults is 2,000 mg per day, though vitamin C is usually safe to take at higher doses. Taking vitamin C in a drip helps you avoid digestive upset and other side effects associated with large oral doses of vitamin C.

When should I use a vitamin C drip?

Get the High Dose Vitamin C drip at Treadwell when you need immune support and hydration. Whether you suffer from an autoimmune disease or another type of chronic condition or simply want immune support, this drip can be administered once every two weeks or as recommended by a Treadwell specialist.

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