Fitness Drip


Fitness Drip


This treatment is formulated to boost performance. Our FITNESS Drip is packed with amino acids to enhance performance, fuel tired muscles and improve recovery time. It also includes B vitamins to provide sustained energy, an uptick in metabolism, and a blend of minerals to replenish those lost while sweating.

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Why is this Drip right for you?

Peak performance takes a lot of work and relies on a number of factors. While you may give your body the rest and fuel it needs through a healthy, fortified diet and plenty of sleep, you may not have the energy storage you need to be at the top of your game. Your body gains natural energy from B vitamins, magnesium, and amino acids, and you can supplement your daily intake through a drip. IV Therapy provides a more efficient and effective way of quickly getting the supplements your body depends on.

You can use this drip formulation to help improve your focus on your workout or fitness demands. It can provide a mental advantage over your competitors or your own hesitations when attacking your fitness routine. This fitness drip also includes manganese, zinc, Vitamin C, and the electrolytes your body depends on for muscle recovery and repair. An intense workout or competition can drain your body of its energy reserves, and the Fitness drip is one of the best supplements for muscle recovery. Choosing the FITNESS drip before a workout is a benefit to your performance and your recovery, though it can be used after as well.


There are several components in the FITNESS drip that make an effective blend of bodily support. Drip therapy is extremely effective because it delivers these minerals and nutrients directly into your bloodstream vs taking vitamin capsules that must travel through your digestive system.

Vitamin C
This vitamin improves your immunity against bacteria, germs and other things that would compromise your performance and health, remove it also helps reduce inflammation. This allows your muscles and body to heal more quickly. Vitamin C increases college production, the protein responsible for healthy joints.

B Complex Vitamins
These nutrients help increase the production of energy from red blood cells and stored food. By maximizing energy production at the cellular level from proteins, fats and carbohydrates, you can exercise for longer periods without getting as fatigued.

This is a natural anti-inflammatory that allows your body to heal more quickly after an intense workout. It supports healthy muscle and nerve development and increases energy production.

This mineral has a vital role in healing damaged tissue by rebuilding the proteins within and providing nutrient replenishment. It supports immune functions and aids in the growth of cells.

Manganese benefits the body in several ways. From assisting with the metabolism process to regulating blood sugar to improving brain function, manganese is a jack-of-all-trades substance.

Amino Blend
Amino Blend — which include asparagine, glutamine, carnitine and cysteine — is not well understood by most people. However, it is a key component for any weight loss journey.

For instance, asparagine helps the body store energy within the muscles instead of as fat. Studies also suggest that it reduces fatigue post-exercise. Glutamine increases glucose uptake while reducing fat mass, while carnitine transports fatty acids into cells and improves the availability of fatty acids for energy. Finally, research suggests that cysteine can help to reduce fat in obese individuals and has powerful antioxidant properties.

Excellent at counteracting dehydration and exhaustion, our FITNESS drip formula includes electrolytes that stabilize blood sugar and support heart health.

One Liter of Fluids
Finally, each of these ingredients is combined with one liter of fluids, which hydrate the body and kickstart all essential processes.

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Recommended Boosters


B12 shots are the most effective way to boost your energy. Happiness is an essential vitamin, our B12 supplement is formulated to give you all you need in a pinch.


Glutathione is the most powerful antioxidant in human cells and plays a vital role in detoxification, immune function, and protecting us from toxins. In addition, it also has effects on cardiovascular health, mood, and skin cell health.

Recommended Drips

IMMUNE MAX: A drip that many clients love is the IMMUNE MAX. It is great for those whose bodies are thoroughly depleted and have weakened immunity. If you are in competitive sports or are constantly at the gym, you can be exposed to a number of viruses or airborne illnesses. With the Immune Boost drip., your body gets an extra dose of Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin C, Manganese and Electrolytes. You also introduce a high level of glutathione in your body, which is vital for the proper functioning of your immune system.

PREGAME: Before you go out on the town or play the big game, this drip is an option for increasing your focus and performance when you are getting ready for a competition. In addition to glutathione for the repair and strength of tissue and joints, B Complex vitamins fuel the body at the cellular level to maximize your energy and keep you in the game longer.


How often can I use a drip?

The benefits of a drip can last for several weeks, but how much of a mineral or nutrient you need may vary according to your activity level. Drip routines may vary from weekly to monthly depending on the person seeking IV therapy.

How is a drip administered?

A drip is administered in the comfort of our wellness center and in the form of an IV. This process uses intravenous fluids to administer the muscle recovery supplements straight into the cells for immediate use.

Could I be allergic to a drip?

It’s rare for individuals to be allergic to specific nutrients and minerals found in wellness drips. If you are unsure of any potential adverse reactions, speak to our trained RN on staff to determine any concerns.

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