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From Day One, we’ve wanted to be a true resource for men—a place that acknowledges the real need to take care of ourselves, while also being realistic about the time and energy we’re willing to devote to it.

Flexibility and convenience are critical–so we’ve found build-your-own memberships to be a nice way to nudge us toward regular grooming and wellness, with busy schedules and wallets in mind. We’ll work with you to tailor a membership program that suits your specific needs, without bundling in unwanted services. No long-term commitments and you can modify your plan at any time.

We offer monthly membership pricing for many grooming services, like unlimited beard trims, scalp massages, and haircuts (kids cuts, too). Given the medical nature of our wellness services, we wouldn’t offer you unlimited visits out of prudence, but we do provide membership pricing for monthly recurring options (think once or twice a month).

Take a look at the sample bundles below, compare member pricing on our services page, and reach out to our staff anytime to put together the plan that best helps you tread well.

Example 1

The Essential / Quick Cut (2x) $80



$28 35%

Full Beard / Beard Trim (2x) $50



$17 34%

IV Drip Spa / Standard (2x) $278



$69 25%





$114 28%

Example 2

The Recharge / Ultimate Cut (2x) $120



$42 35%

Lipotropic Injection (4x) $116



$16 14%





$58 25%

If you know you’ll need these services at least twice a month, consider a build-your-own membership.

contact us: 713-333-8006
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