How Can Men Look and Feel Their Best?

man that needs a men's grooming

Some men scoff at the idea of men’s grooming, but those who take self-care seriously are more likely to achieve their full potential. Self-care can be truly life-changing.

A self-perpetuating cycle can happen when you take care of yourself. By establishing healthy routines, you look better and feel better. Family, friends, and co-workers take notice. They start to expect more of you, which boosts your self-confidence and makes you invest more in yourself. This momentum builds and builds.

There are many ways that men can take better care of themselves and build momentum in a positive direction. Here are a few tried-and-true tactics to help you start the cycle.

man relaxing from a massage

Get a Massage

Stop wondering whether a massage is necessary. Instead, ask yourself, “Would a massage be helpful?” After all, routine massages ensure that those absolutely necessary moments never happen.

You might feel daunted by the idea of laying down for a full 90-minute massage, but how about a briefer scalp and neck massage after a haircut? Neck massages and head massages can be ideal for busy men. Even a short massage can reset your mood by providing a small slice of serenity during a hectic week.

Give Your Body the Nutrients It Needs

You know you should eat more broccoli and less pizza, but did you know there are other ways to get the proper nutrients? Vitamin injections and IV therapy are great ways to get the necessary vitamins and minerals. They work even faster than pills or foods since they skip the digestion process completely.

IV Drips and injections can meet many needs, whether it’s an energy boost, a hangover cure, or a daily dose of vitamins. They can rev up your metabolism and promote weight loss.

Keep Your Hair Under Control

Conversations around masculine grooming often start and end with hairstyles, not without reason. Haircuts are such an easy way to look and feel better immediately. They are fast and affordable and require zero effort. Why do so many men neglect to get regular cuts?

Finding a stylist who you like and putting yourself on a regular schedule will keep you looking fresh year-round. You can even get a beard trim and shampoo and rinse while you’re at it. Men who do this monthly or bi-monthly inevitably look forward to their scheduled appointments. It feels good to be treated and pampered for a short period of time.

Haircuts shouldn’t be the end of the self-care conversation, but they may be the easiest place to start when it comes to grooming for men.

Take Mental Health Seriously

Mental health can easily get overlooked in discussions about personal care. Not every man needs to meet with a personal therapist, but every man needs an occasional break from the grind.

Preventative care is always better than disaster control, and an effective way to prevent burnout is by scheduling self-care in your routine. This could mean a yearly vacation, a monthly spa treatment, or a daily meditation break. These self-care habits are easy to justify because taking care of yourself is the only way to ensure that you can keep taking care of others.

When you take care of yourself, you start to look and feel better. When you feel better, you become happier and more productive. This is why men’s grooming and self-care are no trivial matters. Check out Treadwell for the self-care services men need and start on your journey to total wellness. 

smiling man getting a men's grooming

Men’s Grooming FAQs

What are the most important men’s grooming tips? 

Every man should establish a hair care and skincare routine. Regardless of hair or beard style, the key is to get a haircut and shave on a regular basis. The same goes for skin care. Having a daily face-cleansing routine, no matter how simple, goes a long way.

Why is personal care necessary for men? 

Personal care helps men transform into the best versions of themselves. Men’s personal care includes but is not limited to exercising, grooming, sleeping well, balancing work and play, taking the occasional vacation, and attending to mental health. Personal care helps improve a man’s overall quality of life.

How can men look good every day?

First, start by getting a good night’s rest. Next, make sure your hair and facial hair are trimmed. Always leave the house smelling fresh. Wear clothes that fit your body. Don’t walk around in beat-up shoes. Most importantly, try to eat well and exercise regularly.

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