Innovative Wellness and Men’s Grooming: A Glimpse into Treadwell

Jason and Tera, the owner of Treadwell

CanvasRebel Magazine brings us an enlightening conversation with Tera & Jason Starr, the dynamic duo behind Treadwell. The couple shares their philosophies and the unique approaches they employ in their services, offering us a peek into what makes Treadwell stand out in Houston’s wellness and men’s grooming industry.

The Philosophy of Treadwell

Tera & Jason Starr believe in providing not just services but experiences. They emphasize the importance of feeling good inside and out, reflected in Treadwell’s diverse range of services. Their philosophy of “Treadwell” is to traverse life looking and feeling one’s best. They stress the importance of maintaining the inside of our bodies as meticulously as we do the outside, emphasizing a holistic approach to wellness.

Divergence from Industry Standards

Treadwell is not your ordinary barbershop or wellness center; it’s a fusion of both, where traditional grooming meets cutting-edge wellness practices. Here, men can indulge in a range of services that go beyond the usual haircut and beard trim, providing a holistic approach to personal care. The Starrs are meticulous in their hiring process to ensure clients receive the best services, focusing on enhancing both external appearance and well-being.

2 gentlemen having men's grooming at Treadwell

Comprehensive Grooming and Wellness Services

Treadwell offers a range of men’s grooming and wellness services, including IV Drip therapy, Vitamin Injections, Cryotherapy, and Infrared Sauna with red light therapy, designed to help individuals achieve their wellness goals in various ways. These services are customized to individual needs and are available to both men and women. They mainly specialize in men’s grooming, allowing men to experience benefits like IV Drip while getting a haircut, optimizing time and experience with the best barbers in Houston.

The Treadwell Experience

Treadwell takes pride in offering grooming and wellness services—the IV Drip services, packed with a higher vitamin content than other Houston providers. Clients feel rejuvenated and revitalized for the same price but with more added benefits due to the abundance of vitamins infused in the drips at Treadwell.

Final Thoughts

Tera & Jason Starr have created a sanctuary in Treadwell for those seeking to look and feel good. Their innovative approach combines men’s grooming and wellness, ensuring clients receive a holistic experience tailored to their needs. Their commitment to excellence and holistic well-being sets them apart, making Treadwell Houston a beacon of innovation in wellness and grooming services.

This blog is inspired by the Tera & Jason Starr interview featured on CanvasRebel Magazine. For more details and insights, please refer to the full article.

experience finest men's grooming at Treadwell

FAQs about Treadwell

What services does Treadwell offer?

Treadwell offers grooming services for men and a range of wellness services for both men & women. Our services include haircuts, beard trims, sauna sessions, IV drip therapy, and more. We aim to provide a comprehensive experience that promotes physical and mental well-being.

How can I schedule an appointment at Treadwell?

Scheduling an appointment at Treadwell is easy. You can either call us or visit our website to book online.

Where is Treadwell located?

Treadwell is conveniently located at Houston Heights and Bellaire, making it easily accessible for our valued clients. Our central location ensures you can easily reach us from various parts of the city.

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